Motivational Workplaces

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Motivational workplaces
Motivational workplaces
One of the key aspects to good management for any organization is workplace motivation. It may sound like a complex concept but unless it is understood and effectively managed, organizations cannot succeed. A managers’ job is to get things done through his employees and to get things done he must possess the ability to motivate them. Many managers and employers are not aware of the fact that the level of motivation of their employees may have a great impact on their business. They fail to realize that workers are not mere machines and that they need an incentive that will drive them towards a goal. (Palmer, 2005) Motivation is a feeling, it is a force that comes from within us and makes us want to do certain tasks that satisfy our needs. Of course everyone’s needs differ and therefore so will the amount of motivation required to complete a particular job. Motivation is important because it can have an effect on the output of one’s business. For example, say a business sells boxes that are assembled manually by a group of workers and that those workers must assemble one hundred boxes per day. If the employees are motivated enough they will do their job but if they are not the business will be at a loss. Employees are the most important assets for a business and no matter how up to date one’s technology is, it can be no match with the efficiency and effectiveness of workers. There are two types of motivations. They are:

·Intrinsic Motivation
·Extrinsic Motivation
Intrinsic motivation arises from within a person. For that the person does not depend on an external benefit to be satisfied. Intrinsic motivation in a work place grows when employees feel appreciated and when they feel challenged and capable. Extrinsic motivation on the other hand arises when a person if given an external reward in return for the work they have performed. This kind of motivation has to be embedded into a person and does not come naturally. Many people begin jobs with energy and excitement, but if managers fail in their role as motivators, employees can lose their drive. It can be an enormous problem for even the most admired and most liked managers if their valuable employees loser motivation. Employee motivation has been a central setback for managers and leaders. Unmotivated workers tend to spend no or less time and effort on their work and avoid workplaces as much as possible. A motivational workplace is a place where workers do not mind going extra miles to help their organization achieve its goal. To create a motivational workplace, communicating the goals of a company clearly is very important and continuously emphasizing on behavior that goes beyond what is expected is necessary. An example of a motivational work place is Google. Here people are motivated by a goal, which is to provide information and data throughout the world by breaking all barriers of language. They are motivated by the mere fact that they get to work on technical problems and by the potential global impact of their work. It is easy to say that motivating people is not a hard task, but in reality it is not that simple. Every individual differs when it comes to motivation. For some a source of motivation is money, for some it is being in charge and control of others, while for some motivation simply comes from the fact that they are doing what they love. Money is a form of extrinsic reward where the employee is rewarded for doing his job exceptionally well by someone else, while motivation arising from just doing what one loves is intrinsic, satisfaction that a person receives from within. People have needs. Needs like recognition, achievement or monetary gain. This need transforms into an internal drive, which brings out certain behaviors within people through which they can fulfill their needs. If the behavior is successful and the person is rewarded and his need is fulfilled he will make sure he works with the...
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