Monster Called Traffic Jam

Topics: Road pricing, São Paulo, Congestion pricing Pages: 3 (1022 words) Published: May 28, 2013

Transportation enables human to commute from one place to another. It makes life easier. But, when depending on vehicles to go everywhere is no longer easier due to traffic jam, is life still easier? It is absolutely not. In today’s millennium era, traffic jam is one of the growing enemies. Everyone, especially commuters, surely hates that “monster”, the “monster” that consumes time and energy. The traffic jam is mainly caused by overcrowded vehicle quantity in streets which cannot be covered by street capacity. The main concern here is not the cause but the effects of the traffic jam itself. The effects are terrible. What I personally have in mind is that traffic jam can gradually degrade life quality. First, traffic jam contributes a lot of losses to people, especially drivers and motorists. The traffic jam makes people grow slowly and become unproductive. The motorists or drivers trapped in the traffic jam spend their time uselessly. That is why we become unproductive. Generally, drivers or motorists spend five minutes or more in every single traffic jam. Imagine if we encounter ten boring traffic jams for going to work and ten more for going back home. It means that we have spent one hour and forty minutes only for doing nothing in traffic jam. How if the traffic jam takes more than five minutes? What useful time we have spent uselessly. In addition to that, the situation can even get worse when electricity cut takes place. The traffic becomes uncontrollably scattered. Drivers and motorists might spend hours only for being patient awaiting police’s presence to neutralize the traffic stagnation. More than that, the circumstance sometimes looks funny and embarrassing when we notice street children or street musicians take the police’s role to get rid of the traffic congestion. They (street children/street musicians) act just like real police officers. They act without wearing official uniform or blowing whistles. We can often...
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