There Is No Doubt That There Are Many Problem Because of Traffic Congestion in the Big Cities.Those People Who Reside Close to Their Places of Work or Children’s Schools Have Not Such Problems.Because They Do Not Have

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There is no doubt that there are many problem because of traffic congestion in the big cities.Those people who reside close to their places of work or children’s schools have not such problems.Because they do not have to struggle with taking their children to school, depend on bus drivers, or personal drivers for that task. Those are the luckiest people because they don’t have to worry about starting their morning at the crack of dawn every day only to face a single block of crammed, crowded cars in the morning, and again at noon. The other examples of these problems are diseases and health problems and also its psychological effects which are becoming more and more apparent on the street, as some people are very easily provoked and face difficulty in controlling their temper. All of this just because of the traffic congestion, hence accidents are frequent on a daily basis. For these reasons,some solutions are needed. For example,there is a dire need for coordinated efforts and dedicated work around the clock to create alternative routes before closing the main traffic arteries toward places that are already highly dense. Also, these routes must be complete before the schools and businesspeople return from holidays. One can use public transportations. You can park your car in the garage or on the edge of the built up area and then ride a bus or train. A complete solution to traffic congestion needs people to be able and willing to travel on public transport more. I suggest that the municipality and government conducts work similar to that of other countries that have begun assessing the necessity of the majority of their staff to work six days a week at the office. Instead, if a portion of the work requires correspondence via the computer, reviewing reports, or other tasks, then directors can request for their subordinates to work remotely (from home) on certain days. Of course, these solutions are well known and have been applied in many countries.
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