Traffic Jam in Jakarta

Topics: Pollution, Air pollution, Jakarta Pages: 2 (719 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Summary – Analysis Traffic Jam in Jakarta
The article titled “Traffic Jam in Jakarta” by Ervan Balie discusses about a daily life in Jakarta which many vehicles make traffic jam and air pollution in the city. Jakarta is capital city of Republic Indonesia which have busy life in everytime both morning and night. Therefore, many of vehicles in the street make the city become traffic jam everywhere. Not only traffic jam,pollution Co2 from emission vehicle make air polution too in this city . The statistic states total vehicles in Jakarta now are about 4,9 million where 2,8 million is two wheals and 2,1 million is four wheals. From that, we can imagine how if all of vehicle’s on the street. That will really worst view for Jakarta city. Personally, i am agree with the author states where the city really busy city and we should to find the solution for this case.

In the article, Ervan Balie states causes about traffic jam in Jakarta, one of that is an increase amount of vehicles in Jakarta. There are car,motorcycle,bus,and others.Life is need vehicle for move from one place to another place. But in this case , the vehicles is ‘overload’ and that make traffic jam everywhere. Not only that, air pollution’s happened in this city. As is known , Jakarta is rank 3 in the world about pollution and the pollutant almost from emission CO2 from vehicles. In other case, pollution also very dangerous situation for human health. Personally, i think this situation’s very critical situation for the city. I think government should to make the rule about high vehicle tax in order to reduce ammount of vehicle in this city so the vehicle rate in the street will decrease slowly. The government also should buil MRT, the stations,and also supported with cheap cost,clean,safe. With this way, people will choose to use MRT than private vehicle because more than flexible. Another that , the government should apply “three in one” where in the one vehicle carrying 3 peoples or more.

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