Model Tok Presentation

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Model ToK Oral Presentation
Understanding the Vancouver Riots: a TOK analysis of the violence following the Stanley Cup Hockey Finals on June 15th, 2011

Objectives of ToK Oral Presentation
—  Identify and explore a Knowledge Issue (KI) raised by a Real-life

Situation (RLS) —  Show insightful thinking about KI, supporting ideas about knowledge claims, justifying thinking, making connections with ToK concepts —  Presentation should have two stages: —  an introduction and brief explanation of the RLS, and clear

identification of KI —  Discussion of KI and shows how the KI relates to RLS

Assessment criteria for the Presentation
—  Criterion A: Identification of the knowledge issue [/5] —  Did the student identify a relevant knowledge issue in a real-life situation?

—  Criterion B: Treatment of knowledge issues [/5]
—  Did the presentation show a good understanding of the knowledge issues,

in the context of real life?
—  Criterion C: Knower’s perspective [/5]
—  Did the presentation show an individual approach, particularly in the use

of arguments and examples?
—  Criterion D: Connections [/5]
—  Did the presentation give a clear account of how the question could be

approached from different perspectives?

—  Without a focus on a Knowledge Issue presentations cannot

deserve high marks on criteria —  The topic should be grounded in real people and real life, not just a theoretical issue —  Don’t just mention TOK concepts and vocabulary: Analyze them! —  Have notes for your presentation. Practice it. —  In groups, make sure each member participates evenly and critically in the presentation —  Approach the KI from different viewpoints —  Use the TOK presentation planner

1. Take a RLS

5. Apply analysis back to RLS

6. Extend analysis to other areas

2. Extract a KI from a RLS

3. Analyze the KI – not the RLS - From your own perspective - From other perspectives -  Using ideas and concepts from TOK

4. While analyzing, Identify other KI’s

1. Take a Real Life Situation
—  Violence in downtown Vancouver, BC, Canada after the final

game of the Stanley Cup between Vancouver Canucks and Boston Bruins —  June 15, 2011

News coverage

Summary of RLS
—  The city of Vancouver set up giant screens so that fans

could watch the game —  The local team lost —  Fans destroyed the screens and rioting began —  Store windows were broken and stores looted —  Fights broke out between Vancouver supporters —  Cars were set on fire, including police cars —  Riot police sprayed gas to disperse the crowds —  Hundreds of people were injured and arrested —  Millions of dollars in damages were reported

—  “How can well behaved sports fans from an advanced and liberal

society behave this way?”
Teacher fromVancouver
—  “So sad watching our VPD cars on fire and how quickly people can

turn from law-abiding to law-breaking.”
Vancouver Police Department on Twitter

2. Extract Knowledge Issue
KI = open-ended questions that have more than one possible answer; explicitly about knowledge and not subject-specific claims; worded in TOK vocabulary and concepts: —  the Areas of Knowledge: Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, History, Mathematics, Ethics —  the Ways of Knowing: Reason, Emotion, Perception, Language —  and the Concepts in the linking questions—belief, certainty, culture, evidence, experience, explanation, interpretation, intuition, justification, truth, values —  precise in terms of the relationships between these concepts

How do individuals know what the ethical thing to do is when the collective is doing something seemingly wrong?

3. Analyze the Knowledge Issue What is the ‘ethical thing to do’?

Do we agree that : —  it is wrong to break store windows and steal (looting)? —  it is wrong to destroy private property? —  It is wrong to fight and beat up others because you are angry?

Yes! But, why?...
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