You Cannot Not Communicate

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  • Published : November 5, 2011
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Written Assignment 1:
You Cannot NOT Communicate: Fact or Fiction?
Complete this written assignment:
Read the article below. Based on what you have learnt in topic 1, you need to answer the questions given in your own words, thoughts and research. Questions:
What do you think about Watzlawick’s idea? Did it seem reasonable or unreasonable to you at first? Why? •When and how do you communicate messages unintentionally?

From the article about Watzawick’s Idea of One cannot not communicate, he believes of every behaviour send some message whether intentional or not, so all behaviour has communication value. I personally think that it is reasonable. As human beings, how can one not communicate? If we are not communicating, we are not going to be able to convey our message and thought to one another. Communicate happen every day in our live; we humans do it all the time, and most of the time we do it as a matter of course, without thinking about it. In our daily lives; we talk, we listen, we write, we read, we think - as you are doing now –all of this is to share and manage our thoughts to be known to one another. Somehow people may think that communicate is just speaking and they may not know that behaviour or body language are also a kind of communication.

As Nonverbal communication can be as an important to communicating messages as using words but not many peoples will think it this way. Clothing that you wear, your facial expression or even silent can be integrated or related to communicate. This is known as Nonverbal communication. What you are wearing and also your body movement can be a way that you are communicating. For example, people who want to communicate their social economic status may wear expensive watches and handbags to let others know that they are wealthy. In the workplace, the way people dress can communicate level of professionalism. Sometimes people unintentionally communicate messages by the way they dress. When you see a guy...
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