Positive Influence of Hippies on Canadian Society in the 1960s.

Topics: Hippie, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Canada Pages: 4 (1333 words) Published: May 2, 2012
Positive influence of Hippies on Canadian society in the 1960s. Natasha Kelbas, Ms. Van Hatten
December 17th 2009

Hippies are the real activists of freedom who love each other in a positive way. The word hippies generally invoke sterotypes that involves drugs, sex and bare feet. Though it is true that many hippies did practice these sterotypes, they were people who fought for rights and freedom without violence. They gave up the traditional morals and values to promote new values that were about freedom of experssion and loving each other. After getting the attention, they expressed their needs, hopes and wants in a piercing yet nonviolent way. The hippies made great, positive changes to the Canadian society through their riots and protests for peaceful resolutions, encouragement of feminism, and their unique fashion.

Hippies held enforcing protets for their freedom, against the Vietnam war, and for enviromental issues. The police in Vancouver did not like the counterculture of hippies. There was a sit-in and the police was going to break it up but the next time over 20 000 peopole came to support them. [1] The protests against Vietnam war originally came from America, however from this picture you can see how active Canada was as well. The hippies of Canada tried to voice their opinions with slogans such as “U.S. Troops get out of Vietnam.” [2] This was a positive impact on Canadian society because of the sense on nationalism and how we are going to against America. During the 60's Canadians are very much following the US. In this case Canadians are against American foreign affairs making the Canadians more independent form US policies. The first important environmental movement in Canada was led by an organization called Greenpeace. They were against the nuclear testing that was being done in Alaska and protested by sailing on a regular fishing boat to the city of Amchitka. [3] As the hippie movement died out in the seventies, the...
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