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Mobile Commerce also known as m-commerce, that is about an application and services that are becoming suitable from Internet enable mobile devices. Nowadays, the mobile commerce also involves the new technologies services and business mobiles. The e-commerce are quite different with the m-commerce. Mobile phone impose very different compare that our desktop computer. It will follow you wherever you go, it look a nearest restaurant for you, the items or app in the apps store, and keep in touch with yours colleagues. Nowadays, the devices that we are using access it are becoming convenience and personal too. As we know that the mobile phone that basis contains the phone number of out colleague and friend. They are starting to track the location of them. Tomorrow, they will replace our computer, wallet, credit card or the passport. The future are coming, this devices will become our greatest personal assistant to help us done our job easily, such as atomically arrange our document, after a meeting to summarize all the important point to us, providing us the top news and the message left by our colleague. But, for all of these changes we need to summarize by some keys issues that are Interoperability, usability, privacy, and security stay need to address it.  

History Mobile commerce
The mobile commerce is still in the initial stage and can further expand in to the entire field that will affect our human life in daily life. At the beginning with using of the wireless POS (Point of sale) credit card terminal and since the made it into two ways the cellular and the PDA ( Personal Digital Assistant) the first start using the mobile commerce technologies were presented though the WAP ( wireless Application Protocol ). WAP was involved on the digital phone technologies and the first appear in the market is 2.5G phone technology that allowed user to browse to the internet. Furthermore, with the strong developed on 3G phone technologies. For an example, the Nokia has the first introduced the mobile commerce application software as Nokia toolkit version 4.0 in the global market. The future about the mobile commerce are extremely bright because several experiment are going thought to introduce the upgraded version of mobile with the newest technologies 4G mobile. Generation Information

1G1979-1992 wireless technology
2Gcurrent wireless technology
mainly accommodates text
2.5G Interim technology accommodates graphics
3G(2001-2005) The 3rd generation technology supports rich media (video clips) 4G(2006-2010) will provide faster multimedia display.


The objective I doing this assignment is to define and descried the mobile commerce. In this assignment I’ll define the meaning of the mobile commerce. In this assignment, I also will explain the advantages of the mobile commerce that bring all the convenience to the human in the daily life. Furthermore, the research will been go thought the mobile commerce, to description and give the explanation of the area of the mobile commerce. I also will giving explanation of the technical area that I had chosen ‘mobile commerce’ After that, the last part will go thought the critical comment and analysis for the mobile commerce to giving my opinion. At the overall, the reader can know more and understood what mobile commerce is.  

Explanation Research Area Chosen
Area / uses of mobile commerce
Mobile commerce (M-commerce) has entered in finance, retail, service, information technology service and a telecommunication. In this sector, the mobile commerce is not only being widely accepted but being more used on the popular way of the business/commerce. Finance Sectors

Mobile commerce (M-commerce) works greatly in the finance sector including all big, important and major in financial institutes, stock market/exchange, banks and stockbroker. In every time any users needs money or wanted any sort if finance and banking related services, him/her can...
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