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Mobile phone technology

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Introduction: Mobile technology is the technology used for cellular communication. It has developed extensively in the past couple of years and the development hasn’t stopped. Mobile technology has had a great impact on the economy, political interests and personal lives of the people, however, it has some cultural and political restrictions and geographical limitations.

1.History of mobile technology
Who/what company has led the way in technology?
Where were we 20 years ago with mobile technology?
Major milestones in mobile technology.

2.Cultural and political restrictions on mobile technology - Germaine

3. Geographical limitations-
Developing countries and their approach to adding mobile technology Rural areas in the US and network coverage/speed
Solutions for geographical obstacles (distance, landscape, location) Physical signal limitations and future research

4.Impact on business/economy –
Some of the impacts that mobile technology has on business is that is makes it easier to connect with their customers. Mobile technology is convenient and you can use it anywhere when you need it. Also it can save you time when you have little time. Some benefits are mini mobile site, update info anywhere and anytime, and network with other businesses.

5.Impact on political interests –
There is approximately 76% of 18-24 year olds texting regularly and that is why President Obama announced Vice President via text. Also that is why so many young people voted in the 2008 election. There was a 4% increase in voter turnout when mobile is used in the days leading up to an election.

6.Impact on cell phones on everyday lives –
A.Negative effects:
1.Health effects
2.Other problems caused due to cell phone use
B.Positive communication
1.Instantaneous communication
2.Contribution to the formation of mass media
3.Economic growth and increased profits

7.Speed to market for...
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