Comparitative Environment in Telecom Industry

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Everything is going mobile. The global mobile industry is experiencing a revolution in terms of integration of new technologies and applications. The number of mobile subscribers around the world has more than doubled in the last five years. The mobile phone is gaining a more and more important role in people’s lives - “the mobile is the remote control of life”. The Indian telecommunication industry is the world's fastest growing industry with 826.93 million mobile phone subscribers as of April 2011. It is also the second largest telecommunication network in the world in terms of number of wireless connections after China. As the fastest growing telecommunications industry in the world, it is projected that India will have 1.159 billion mobile subscribers by 2013.

Efforts have been made from both governmental and non-governmental platforms to enhance the infrastructure. The idea is to help modern telecommunication technologies to serve all segments of India’s culturally diverse society, and to transform it into a country of technologically aware people.


As a result of the rapid development of telecommunications, the Internet, broadcast networks, and the emergence of new technologies and services, the boundaries between the different communication industries have in principal blurred.4 This convergence process is changing the roles of telecom industry actors and Internet players. Hence, this is generating new ways of organizing global business, are evaluation of business models and changing the competitive landscape from formerly distinct markets.

The telecom sector is one of the fastest growing service industries in India. Mobile services forms important share of the telecom services along with internet facility providers. India, the country having the second largest population in the world has huge business opportunity for the mobile operators. This ever-changing, converging environment of the global mobile market creates multiple new business opportunities for mobile service providers This paper deals with the study of competitiveness of various mobile operators (domestic and multinational players) and their strategies for achieving the major share in the sector.


The telecom sector is one of the fastest growing service industries in India. There are a lot of changes happening in the telecom industry now since the Telecom and Internet are converging. Another thing playing a big role is that the new technology- Web Services. The rapid advancements and changes in this industry provide companies with business opportunities as well as challenges due to an increasingly complex environment in terms of competition and technology. The purpose of this project is to study the various mobile operators & their approaches for achieving the major share in the sector and create a deeper understanding regarding mobile service providers competitive strategies.


1.4.1 Primary Objectives.

The main objectives that the project is focusing is to find out a) To gain an understanding regarding the competitive environment in the telecom industry. b) To scrutinize mobile services companies’ competitive strategies.


The study shows clear evidence of companies’ wide perspective in the industry regarding competitors;

a) Collaboration and niche markets are important in order to succeed. b) Services need to be customer driven and packaged.
c) It is hard to distinguish specific business models since there are potentially infinite varieties, but they can be categorised on logical basis.


a) The respondents could be keen to describe their current service provider up-to-date and professional. b) This could negatively affect the study if...
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