Mobile Business Applications

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Summary of CRM and MBA|
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Rajiv Poudel

Summary of Mobile Business Applications.

In the chapter, it is indicated that a lot of organization and people depends on mobile technologies to do their task and in order to do so; mobile app is very much used and is very helpful. Mobile entertainment such as email, games and music have led the market and already have generated billions of money. There are a lot of consumer oriented mobile applications registered but still the adoption of the mobile business applications is very slower because of the lot of technical and managerial problems. Mobile business applications are classified as vertical and horizontal target group. Vertical targets are the service engineers or sales representatives which is lot narrower than the horizontal targets which focuses a lot of different users to improve the communication.

There are a lot of advantages of using the mobile business applications such as flexibility and dissemination and also mobility which allows business to conduct from anywhere and any point of time. Mobile business applications also helped organization to improve operational efficiency and flexibility. It is difficult to measure the direct impact of the mobile business applications but the stats shows that there have been improvements in the various kind of organization using mobile business applications.

There are a lot of factors which contribute to the growth of mobile business applications such as the mobile devices which supports the use of internets and also the personal digital assistants which are gaining a lot of popularity all over the world. “The traditional methods of wired communication, which have a limited reach and range, are no longer suitable for the fast-paced business environment.” But the growth of mobile technology has been really slow in spite of mobile technology has such a huge potential and benefits. The reason behind the...
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