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Kaisa Koskela, Teea Palo (Editors)




OULU 2007

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ISBN 978-951-42-8581-3 ISSN 1459-8418 ISBN 978-951-42-8582-0 ELEKTRONINEN VERSIO Oulu University Press August 2007

Timo Koivumäki, Dr. (Bus.Admin. ) Jaana Tähtinen, Dr. (Bus. Admin. )

University of Oulu, Department of Marketing

Consumer Behavior and Value Creating Networks in Multimedia Mobile Services − Results of Rotuaari Project


This paper reports the main findings of the research conducted in the Department of Marketing during Rotuaari –research project. Rotuaari was a three –year (2003-2006) multidisciplinary research project, which focused on the development and testing of technologies and business models for mobile multimedia services of the future. Key components included service and testing environments, wireless technologies, new kinds of value chains and numerous field trials. The actual research in this project was divided into so-called work packages (WP), in which mobile multimedia services were approached from several intercomplementary perspectives. The work packages of the Department of Marketing focused on the value creating networks and consumer behavior.

Key words: Mobile multimedia services, value networks, consumer behavior

1 Executive Summary
Research consortium Rotuaari developed and studied multimedia mobile services during 2003-2006 and was financed by Tekes Fenix programme. This paper summarizes the main findings of work-packages ‘Consumer behavior’ and ‘Value Creating Networks both hosted by the Department of Marketing. The goal of work-package ‘Consumer behavior’ was to analyze consumers’ acceptance of new mobile services. First of all, we produced accurate information about consumers’ needs in various mobile service use situations. We also provided thorough analysis of the effects of different navigational solutions of user interfaces on consumer behavior. The purpose of the analyses of work-package ‘Consumer behavior’ was to provide valuable information, which serves as good grounds for developing successful mobile services. In the case of work-package ‘Value Creating Networks’ the project’s focus was twofold, firstly, the management of a research and development network was studied and secondly, the evolving business network. The studies conclude that R&D network development and learning can be achieved and managed via various actor roles. This is possible, if the net finds common goals, ways of working and understands the interest of the actors, as well as of the network as a whole. The same applies to business networks where consumers, retailers, and advertising agencies need to learn the value of the new service. In addition, the network companies need to learn how to work together to provide the value and to generate revenues.


2 Consumer Behavior in Multimedia Mobile Services

2.1 Research Team Research party: Department of Marketing Research director: Professor Timo Koivumäki Advisor: Research Prof. Heikki Karjaluoto Researchers: M.Sc. Annu Ristola, M.Sc. Manne Kesti,

2.2 Objectives In Rotuaari project work-package ‘Consumer behavior’ had two generic objectives. The first one was to carry out the...
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