Impact of Ict on Traditional Marketing Functions

Topics: Marketing, Mobile phone, Internet Pages: 73 (25488 words) Published: September 19, 2012
School of Management

Blekinge Institute of Technology

ICT in Marketing
A Study of The Use of Internet and Mobile Phones in Five Selected Companies in Dublin

Author: Alexander Oyetunde Oshunloye (730827-P217) Supervisor: Thomas Danborg

Thesis for the Master’s degree in Business Administration Spring 2009

Title: Author: ICT in Marketing: A Study of The Use of Internet and Mobile Phones in Five Selected Companies in Dublin Alexander Oyetunde Oshunloye

Supervisor: Thomas Danborg Department:School of Management, Blekinge Institute of Technology Course: Master thesis in business administration, FE 2413, 15 credits (ECTS) Background and Problem Discussion: According to Paulina, George and Nikolaos 2007, companies still fall short of their target, despite advancements in ICT marketing. Information and communication technologies (ICTs) like CRM, ERP and Intranet are considered important for creating competitive advantage. Despite their rapid deployment rates, only a few studies mainly from the information technology (IT) and engineering literature have been devoted in uncovering the factors that influence the diffusion of new information technologies and their proper use within an organization. Similarly, empirical studies regarding the impact of ICT diffusion and their proper use in organizations seem limited. A research by Butler 1995, indicated that the increasing popularity of the Internet as a business tool can be attributed to its current size and prospected growth, as well as its attractive demographics. The Internet's potential to provide an efficient channel for advertising and marketing efforts is overwhelming, and yet no one is really sure how to use the Internet for these activities. Even in advanced economies, for example, Canada, mobile marketing is still an emerging technology (Kinetix Media Communications – (Accessed 16/03/08). In an attempt to fill this research void, the study examined the implementation of ICT tools within marketing-related functions. By providing answers to focus questions using empirical methods (questionnaires and interviews), the study tries to discover the consequences of ICT diffusion in these functions. The findings would provide another insight into the use of ICT tools in marketing as well as their impact on organizations. Purpose: Looking at the motivation above it becomes obvious that companies are still not able to practice - to a high advantage, the use of ICT in marketing. What the study seeks to see, is the use of ICT in the selected companies in terms of whether they use it basically/extensively, which tool of ICT is used more (internet, or mobile phones) and why, and the positive impact it may have had on the value of the company in general. Method: Theoretical and empirical analysis were basically used (questionnaires and interviews). Questionnaires were drawn up and administered in selected companies. The data that were collected seek to answer such questions as below.


Data that were collected related to the internet (websites and E-mail marketing)/mobile phone use (sms and mms marketing) and came in form of questions like – how often is the website updated?, how fast on an average does the website download?, how is the design of the website perceived (whether plain, navigation friendly, high design? etc. Similar questions were asked about mobile phones. Theory: The theory section in the literature review looked at different methods and techniques used in delivering and evaluating the use of ICT in marketing, in terms of internet use and mobile phone use. This will also seek to use available literature to throw more light into better more informed use of the mentioned medium in ICT. The literature also related the importance of internet and mobile phone marketing to CRM in terms of eCRM (electronic customer relationship management). Analysis: Data were interpreted and analysed using the appropriate statistical methods....
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