Marketing Research Report for Blackberry Smartphone

Topics: BlackBerry, Smartphone, Mobile phone Pages: 9 (2389 words) Published: November 6, 2012
Phase 4 Individual Project
Felicia Rateliff (Peck)
Colorado Technical University Online
Marketing Research Practices
Professor Kay Green
November 5, 2012

This paper explains the profile of the target market for the Blackberry smart phone. After conducting secondary research on Research In Motion’s Blackberry smartphone and the target market, questions are answered about who, what and why this target is chosen. The importance of selecting a target market is discussed. The target market is identified, including interests, personality and other psychographic traits. The resources used to determine the target market are outlined.

Phase 4 Individual Project
Table of contents
Executive summary
Problem definition
Objectives of the research
Research design



Executive summary
Background Information
Research In Motion (RIM) introduced the Blackberry smart phone in 1999, putting together e-mail, wireless data networks, and a traditional Querty keyboard. The handheld device became so popular that some referred to it as the “Crackberry.” In 2007, Blackberry subscribers grew to over 10 million users.

Blackberry became popular because of its appeal to companies. The Blackberry smart phone has robust security features. It is loved by IT managers because of its reputation of being safe for email transmission. This, however is becoming less of the norm because employees are buying other smart phones with their own money and begging to use them for work purposes. Companies are seeing that they can save money by allowing the use of Android and iPhone simply because employees are footing the bill. The reasons for the popularity of the other two brands are the available apps that appeal to the average person. Blackberry’s current app offerings are not comparable. (Montagne, 2011)

In the last two years, the Research in Motion company has downsized tremendously. As of June 2012, the RIM company had a $518 million loss in the company’s first quarter. This is due to losing popularity because of Apple iOS and Android handheld devices. While RIM insists that they are not abandoning the consumer market in any way, and are introducing a new operating system in early 2013, the company is not doing very well. (Austen, 2012) Competition

One of the biggest competitors for the Blackberry is Apple’s iPhone. This phone has offered new versions almost yearly, has exclusive apps, web surfing ability, e-mail, text messaging, picture messaging, and stunning flat screen display. As iPhone offers more and more apps for business, it is becoming a popular option for companies.

Recent interviews with owners of large businesses show that many employers who are currently using Blackberries are looking to expand the choices offered to employees to the iPhone. This is so that employees can use the smart phone they are most comfortable with, and only carry one phone.

The other big competitor of Blackberry is the Android operating system. Created by Google, the Android capable phones offer features similar to the iPhone. Android operating system allows users to multitask between applications, allowing many open operations at a time. The greatest appeal of the Android operating system is its integration of Google’s free apps such as Gmail, Google docs, Google drive and Google calendar. Android phones have clear, large touch screens that allow easy web browsing and video viewing. (“Blackberry as a business device,” 2012) Summary of marketing research plan

The need for marketing research comes because of the quick decline in popularity of the Blackberry smart phone. In order to determine the reasons for this decline, marketing research must be done. The target market of the Blackberry must be re-determined. If RIM and Blackberry are to survive, there must be a concrete plan to bring popularity back. This will be determined by...
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