Mkt/571 Marketing Solution

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Classic Airlines Solution
MKT/571 - Marketing

Classic Airlines Solution
Classic Airlines has is ranked in the top five of the world’s largest airlines. As one of the largest, it does not come without its company concerns of daily operation and consumer insight. Classic’s consumer rewards program has seen a 19% decrease in members and among those remaining a 21% decrease in booking flights (University of Phoenix, Classic Airlines). Finding the proper balance between consumers and the company, and remaining there continuously is the challenging part of business. Classic Airlines has much to change and not just one course of action could be the proper adjustment to boost the sales figures. Classic Airlines’ Areas Of Opportunities

Classic Airlines is progressively losing consumers and that lost is starting to affect the company’s business in numerous areas, for example: employees, offers in rewards, and fuel. Granted fuel and labor cost themselves have not aided in the problem more encouraged it (University of Phoenix, Classic Airlines). The areas of opportunities Classic Airlines needs to cease are with the consumers, they provide the revenue and are what fund the rest of the company. Concern for both consumers and investors are also the stock prices, which have decrease in the past few years. A usual sign of trouble a consistent stock decrease and investors will want to get out before the ball drops. Internal stress from the board of directors to cut cost by 15% in a 18-month period, causing rumors of bankruptcy without change (University of Phoenix, Classic Airlines). Also, remaining loyal to the employees and not creating a possible strike with the union employees. Upsetting the union employees could cause repercussions internally and externally for the company enough drive it to the bankruptcy.

Classic Airlines’ Rewards Members And Consumers
The company is extremely based on consumer activity financial and vocally. The consumers have been calling, surveyed, and the results are large areas for opportunity. The suggestion of reducing the marketing by 15% could be the wrong move for the company (University of Phoenix, Classic Airlines). The current rewards program is not effective for the company or the consumer. Considering the company has two types of consumers: business travelers and leisure travelers, the focus needs to be targeting both with one campaign. This will reduce the marketing budget of needing separate campaigns and permits for the reduction the board of directors wants to physically see (University of Phoenix, Classic Airlines). The consumers are not happy and the top priority of the company is gain consumers not to upset them or make them feel inferior. The rewards member program is outdated and needs to be reevaluated to be in touch with the current target market for Classic Airlines. Soaring To A “New” Classic Airlines

Classic Airlines could keep or raise in the ranks of the world’s largest airlines. Improvements and rises in consumer reward members could provide additional profit to boost other areas of the company. The changes in the marketing campaign to focus on the consumers of both spectrums will increase rewards members and credit card holders. Adopting an alliance with Tri-Star will also increase growth for the company and the consumer rewards, locations, hotels, and more. Creating the “New” Classic Airlines brand expansion is limitless. The possible joining forces with Tri-Star could bring its own challenges, but also new consumers and destinations. The brand and increase in consumers is only one part of the puzzle to avoid bankruptcy. The company needs to weight each option carefully and the risk each may bring to Classic Airlines. Fight Or Classic Airlines Flights

The old marketing was not fitting the consumer and neither was the company’s treatment of them. The new marketing will have to be competitive with all the other airlines...
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