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Thailand means Land of the Free and formally known as Kingdom of Thailand (Ratcha Anachak Thai). The main metropolitan region and the country capital, Bangkok, with an estimated 9.6 million population in 2002. Thailand’s inhabitants were anticipated at 64,631,595 in July 2006, making it the nineteenth most densely inhabited country in the world. The population development rate was likely at 0.68 percent in 2006. The net immigration rate, also based on a 2006 estimate, is 0 percent. About 68 percent of the population lived in rural areas and 32 percent in urban areas in 2005. The largest population, according to 2000 census data, was in the northeast, with 20.7 million populations and the residency density of 122.9 persons per square kilometer. The central area, excluding Bangkok, had the next largest inhabitants in 2000, with 14 million people and a density of 137.8 persons per square kilometer. Bangkok itself had a inhabitants of 6.3 million people and a population intensity of 4,038 persons per square kilometer. The hilly north had nearly 11.4 million people, with a capacity of 67 persons per square kilometer, while the south had 8 million people and a capacity of 113.9 persons per square kilometer. It has been estimated that Thailand’s age structure for 2006, 22 percent of inhabitants are less than 15 years of age, 70 percent are 15–64 years of age, and 8 percent are 65 and older. Authorized government personnel approximation showed 75 percent of Thailand population are made up of that people of Thai ethnicity while another 14 percent are ethnic Chinese, and 4 percent are Malays, leaving behind 7 percent as unclassified. Thailand hosted some 188,400 refugees from Burma in 2004, many of them ethnic, non-Thai-speaking Karen who run away from their country in the face of war between Karen rebels and Burmese troops. An approximation 1 million members of hill tribes, as a group called “highlanders,” live in the northwest. Bits and pieces of 1940s Chinese Nationalist military forces and their descendants and children of Vietnamese immigrants live in northeastern Thailand. The main religion and belief is Theravada Buddhism, representing about 94 percent of the practicing population and about 90 percent of all Thai people. Muslims represent 4.6 percent; Christians, 0.7 percent; Hindus, 0.1 percent; and Sikhs, Baha’i Faith, and others, 0.6 percent. Section 73 of the constitution declared that the state shall support and guard Buddhism and other religions, promote harmony among the followers of all religions, and encourage the application of religious principles “to create virtue and develop the quality of life.” Both the primary and secondary education levels in public schools required Religious instruction.


Political turmoil has made it more difficult for Thailand to attract foreign investment over the past number of years. Continued political uncertainty is the biggest issue faced by Thailand, as the country remains divided politically. Selection Puea Thai Party has bring better stability, but there is continues to be a potential conflict over constitutional amendment. Thailand is a country that has never experienced the suffering of colonial occupation, despite being in the midst of an almost colonial expansion partly surrounds the Southeast Asian country. Since 1932, Thailand has been a few times usurpation alternating between constitutionalism and unauthorized seizure of power by the military. The coup occurred in Thailand was in 1991 and after that almost did not happen for fifteen years until 20 September 2006, where there was another military coup in Thailand. The coup was carried out by...
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