Topics: Project management, Management, Systems engineering Pages: 4 (800 words) Published: January 5, 2013
Case overview2
Company Overview2
How ORION handled projects2
The product development and manufacturing process3
ORION Culture4
Major problems in how the projects are managed4
Recommendations to help organizing the Jaguar project4
The updated organizational chart5
The updated Master Plan6

Case overview
Company Name: Orion Systems.
Project code Name: Jaguar
Project Manager: Rosas

ORION system had just been awarded the government contract to build the next generation of high-speed, light-rail trains. The project would be a high-profile project that would affect procurement of future contracts with the government. Rosas knew that major changes in how ORION organized and managed projects would be necessary to meet the expectations of the Jaguar project, so he need help to find the best way to organize the new jaguar project.

Company Overview
ORION was a division of a large aerospace* company with 7,000 employees. ORION evolved from a project organization into a matrix structure to conserve costs and better utilize limited resources. At any point in time, ORION could be working on three to five large projects such as the Jaguar project and 30 to 50 smaller projects.

How ORION handled projects
Project managers negotiated personnel assignments with the VP of operations, who ultimately decided project assignments. It was not uncommon for an engineer to be working on two to three projects during a week. Project management was limited only to the design and development of the new product. Once the final design and prototype were completed, they were turned over to manufacturing for production and delivery to the customer. A four person management team oversaw the completion of the project: 1. Project manager.

2. Planning and control manager.
3. Electronics system engineer.
4. *Aerospace companies:  the industry that researches, designs, manufactures, operates, and maintains vehicles moving...
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