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Topics: World Wide Web, Library, Marketing Pages: 2 (477 words) Published: July 19, 2011
The Omega executive team has analyzed and discovered a disaster during their planning project sessions. Not being involved in e-commerce is drastically hurting the sales of Omega. Preparing for the type of this disaster requires detailed planning, preparation and testing. Knowing what IT assets need to be recovered, where to recover them, and how to recover, are the essence of IT Disaster Recovery. The most difficult challenge is mapping the prioritized business requirements to the IT assets so that recovery can be staged. In expanding into e-commerce, clicks and mortar companies have many options (ACM Digital Library, 2011). Omega can outsource all of the e-commerce related activities to firms specializing in those tasks. Omega can also bring in new employees with the required skills, either integrating them into work units with current employees or setting up new e-commerce units. Omega can retrain or redirect existing employees, which current failing employees can have a major impact on a business. Or Omega can combine all these approaches. Not taking advantage of the World Wide Web and Internet capabilities will ruin your market (ACM Digital Library, 2011). Also what was discussed at the executive team meeting was organizational structure. The organizational structure from CEO on down will be undergoing change management during 2011. Another topic that came up during the discussion was matrix structure for Omega. One advantage of a matrix structure is that it facilitates the use of highly specialized staff and equipment. Rather than duplicating functions as would be done in a simple product department structure, resources are shared as needed. In some cases, highly specialized staff may divide their time among more than one project. In addition, maintaining functional departments promotes functional expertise, while at the same time working in project groups with experts from other functions fosters cross-fertilization of ideas. However, the main focus at...
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