The Culture of Thailand

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Thailand is a country rich in natural resources, fun-loving and easygoing people, religion, traditions and beauty. Thailand has a growing economy full of opportunities. This paper will give you information on Thailand’s geography, size of its market, the political situation of Thailand, its regulatory environment, the economy, key economic indicators, its culture, and how consumer products are marketed and distributed. Thailand is the 51st-largest country by total area in the world, totaling 198,120 square miles and is located in Southeast Asia. Thailand is bordered by Burma and Laos to the North, Laos and Cambodia in the East, Malaysia and the Gulf of Thailand to the South, and to the West lie’s the Andaman Sea as well as the southern tip of Burma. Thailand’s geography is diverse with the mountainous Thong Chai Range in the North. In the Northeast is the Khorat Plateau which is bordered to the East by the Mekong River. The middle of the country is where the Chao Phraya river valley is lies which runs into the Gulf of Thailand. Southern Thailand is where the Kra Isthmus is located that broadens into the Malay Peninsula. Rural Thailand claims the Chao Phraya and the Mekong River as its sustainable resource. Both rivers and their tributaries are used for industrial corps. The crystal clear waters of the Gulf of Thailand provides an ideal vacation spot for tourists and is also home to the kingdom’s main port as well as being the entry gates for Bangkok’s Inland Seaport. The Andaman Sea however, is said to be Thailand’s most precious natural resource as it has some of Asia’s most happening and lavish resorts. Thailand has a tropical climate and two different monsoon seasons. From November to mid-March it’s cool, dry and comes out of the northeast and from mid-May to September it’s warm, rainy, and cloudy and comes from the southwest.

Thailand has a population around 66,720,153. Bangkok is not only Thailand’s capital but also is its largest city with a population of around 5,658,953. The official language is Thai and 95 percent of the population practices Theravada Buddhism (Wikipedia, 2012, ¶ 4, 8). Two major ethnic groups are Thai and Chinese. Thailand’s population growth rate is 0.543 percent. Urban population is 34 percent of the total population of Thailand. The infant mortality rate is 15.9 deaths to every 1,000 live births. Life expectancy in Thailand is 73 years on average. Males are expected to live to about 71 while females have a life expectancy of 76 years. The majority of people living in Thailand are between the ages of 15 and 64, about 71 percent of the population. The ratio of men to women is proportional. There are currently 530,000 people in Thailand living with AIDS (Indexmundi, 2012). Thailand’s socioeconomic state looks promising. Thailand’s Human Development Rating is 0.778. The country also dropped its poverty level from 27 percent in 1990 to 9.8 percent in 2002. The majority of children in Thailand attend school and steps are being made toward gender equality. Currently there is a lower rate of participation from women voters when it comes to voting and career advancement opportunities for women are far less than men. Another concern for women is domestic violence. Poverty is still a concern throughout parts of the country as Thailand’s cities grow faster than its countryside. In 2001 Thailand’s government introduced the 30-baht ‘universal’ health policy, where treatment costs only a small co-pay. Almost the entire country is covered by healthcare (Wikipedia, 2010, ¶ 3). Thailand’s significant human development concerns are equality in income, access to services, as well as social protection (United Nations Thailand, 2012, ¶ 7).

Thailand currently has a constitutional monarchy in place with two political parties, the Pheu Thai Party and the Democrat Party (Wikipedia, 2012, ¶ 3). Since 1946 King Rama IX has reigned. King Rama IX is the ninth king of the House...
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