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  Student Internship Programme
Written Report




1.1.   Purpose 3 1.2.   Background 3 1.3.   Method of Investigation 3 1.4.   Scope 3

2.      FINDINGS

2.1.   Retail Management 4 2.1.1 Retail Format 4 2.1.2 Targeting 4

2.1.3 Competitors 5
2.1.4 Evaluation Of Elements 6-7
2.2.   Environment Management 8
2.3.   IT Support 9


3.1.   Evaluation Of Performance 9-10
3.2.  Quality Of Service 10-11
3.3.  Areas Of Improvement 11
3.4 Relevance Of Work 12

4.      CONCLUSION 12-13


1.1       Purpose  
The general purpose of this report is detailed information on what I have learned and experienced throughout the 12 weeks of attachment with Ip Case Int’l Pte Ltd. It will consist of what I have observed about and provide recommendations for the company.

1.2        Background
Since 1999, M6 Mobile Trading and Services Pte Ltd started out in focusing mobile accessories. Later in 2011, they decided to rename their branding to “Ip Case” for better recognition and therefore registered itself as “Ip Case Int’l Pte Ltd”

Ip Case strives in bringing in a wider range of niche and unique mobile accessories for its consumers. Besides mobile accessories, Ip case also specialise in dealing with audio products, such as renowned brands of headphones, speakers and earphones.

1.3        Method of Investigation  
Information was gathered through my observation in Ip Case at Nex@Serangoon for 12 weeks. Besides my observation, I gathered some of the information from the supervisor of Ip Case.

1.4        Scope
This report will address on 3 key themes in terms of the merchandise variety and assortment, pricing policy of Ip Case and customer service. 2. FINDINGS
2.1 Retail Management
2.1.1 Retail Format

Ip Case Int’l Pte Ltd is an independently owned store-based retailer that has a total of 3 physical outlets and 5 kiosks at different parts of Singapore. Ip Case is considered as a specialty store that focus on mobile accessories, as well as audio products. It focused on these two specific categories and carried in a diverse range of brand for customers to choose and compare from.

2.1.2 Targeting

As Ip Case Int’l Pte Ltd offers not only inexpensive, simple and high quality hand phone accessories, but also renowned headphones such as Beats and Monster. For mobile accessories, they target a wider age group of both male and female customers, which falls between 15 to 55 year old. They can come from the generation X, Y and Z as mobile accessories is essential to their daily life.

As for the audio products, they target both genders that fall between 16 to 35 year old. Although it is pricey to purchase renowned headphones, students, working class adults and music lovers still value more about the brand and are willing to spend more on such products. Thus, Ip Case targets two different groups for different category. In this way, it is able to fulfill customer’s expectation and demands by creating different marketing mix. 2.1.3 Competitors

There are a few direct and indirect competitors for Ip Case in Nex@Serangoon. The indirect...
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