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The organisational structure of Dyson is a flat structure and therefore uses departmentalisation to ensure different groups of employees are focused on one job in order to accomplish a certain goal. Dysons departments consist of; logistics, finance, marketing, operations, research and development and human resource management. By maintaining a flat structure this benefits Dyson in a variety of ways, there is greater and more effective communication between the management and the employees as there is only one level of management in charge of all departments, which also means quick decisions and actions can be made within the business. Not only do fewer managers mean better communication but this also reduces costs as they do not have to pay for individual managers for each department. On the other hand by using a flat structure this may bring some disadvantages to Dyson as their management has a wider span of control meaning the management may be less in control as they have to focus on numerous departments which all have different job roles. Due to there being one manager this may mean staff members make decisions which they are not trained to do and therefore could have a negative effect on Dyson however this could also empower the members of staff as they feel trusted within their job. Controversially employees are expected to focus on one task to achieve a certain goal; this may lead to the staff becoming de-motivated within their job and therefore creating a lack of commitment to complete the given goal. The lack of layers involved within a flat structure may reduce the chance of employees gaining promotion within Dyson and therefore they may remain at the same level within the organisation.

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