Miscommunication: Employment and Carl

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Whitney Garrett
April 2, 2013
Jenifer Casey

Overwhelmed and unprepared in this situation only means one thing, Carl needs help. Waiting to do things at the last minute does not leave much time for adjustment. Today we rely on technology to remember, organize, and set our schedule for us. In the case of Carl Robins, he definitely needed help in a small amount of time. Communication is the best way to get business done.

Carl Robins is a new campus recruiter for ABC Inc. He was able to recruit 15 new applicants in the month of April. The 15 new hires will work for Monica Carrolls, the Operations Supervisor. Carl was supposed to start the applicant’s orientation on June 15. By July 15, the new hires should be in working status. Carl was contacted by Monica on May 15 to ensure he had manuals, training schedule, orientation, policy booklet, drug test, and a series of things handled before the deadline. The day after Memorial Day, Carl went to the office, to make sure all of the paperwork for the new applicants was ready for orientation. When Carl was going through the files, he found things were not what it seemed. A couple of applicants did not complete their applications, nor did they have their transcripts on file. Another problem was applicants were not sent to the mandatory drug testing clinic. Finally the training room where Carl was going to hold is orientation got booked for the same month he was going to hold training for new hires.

There are a lot of problems that ABC Inc should be blamed, but Carl is responsible for making sure that all trainees are ready for work. Many of problems should have been avoided. 15 trainees are not ready to go on the next phase of their hiring because of poor planning. This company has some poor communication problems; therefore the hiring process is very sloppy and seems that problems only get fixed when they occur. If even the company itself has poor policies, it does not mean Carl should follow poor standards. Carl should have had a checklist ready in case the any problems would have occurred, he could have fixed the issue. The company’s handbook is its staple. The manual represent rules and values that workers must follow. The orientation manuals were missing pages out of the booklet. Assuming that everything in that manual is important, ABC Inc. cannot afford any pages to be missing. We should look back to see who got hired prior to the discovery of the missing pages, to see who did not receive the information. Another problem is a shortage of orientation manuals. HR is usually overall in charge of this. There is an inventory problem and personnel in charge of keeping inventory. Carl also discovered that applicants did not complete their application. I think both Carl and ABC Inc. should be at fault for this. “If it's never our fault, we cannot take Responsibility for it. If we cannot take Responsibility for it, we'll always be its victim.” (Bach, R) If we never owe up to our own fault then we can never take reasonability for our actions.

One of the biggest problems that occurred was the drug screening process. This could be the biggest problems of the report. This is a mandatory step, which requires all trainees to complete this process before they begins work. If this step is delayed or missed, it puts a stop to all other steps. According to Yahoo business “If you have been on a job search recently, you may have noticed that many employers now require that you take a pre-employment drug test. You have to pass the drug test in order to acquire the job that you are seeking. Many people think that this is an unnecessary step for an employer to take. However, the employer doesn't see it the same way.”

What are transcripts? According to (Merriam-Webster) “Definition...
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