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  • Published : October 14, 2010
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Case Study Comm 215
Donny Giottonini
University of Phoenix
Linda Hermann


ABC Inc. is a small Midwest company priding themselves on their timely service and high quality products. ABC Inc. is planning to expand in the summer. Boosting their production lines to output more merchandise can only be done with a larger workforce. For the company to expand ABC turns to their Operations Supervisor Monica Carrols to help with this change. Monica is a veteran with ABC and is the most qualified for the task at hand. With Monica heading the operations and Carl Robins under her management, they should achieve extraordinary things. Background

ABC Inc. has a new campus recruiter, which who has been with them for six months. His name is Carl Robins. Carl has his first recruitment task coming up. Carl hired 15 new trainees to work for Monica Carrolls. Which Carl is responsible for the new trainees. Carl is to have the training schedule, orientation, manuals, policy, booklets, physical, and drug test. With Monica Carrols leaving Carl in charge with this task, Carl’s time frame is a couple of months to have everything ready for the company’s expansion. In that time frame Carl has some problems. Key Problems

At ABC Inc. there seems to be a little problem with training and guidance. Monica Carrolls hires Carl Robins as the new campus recruiter. Monica could have just assumed that Carl

Was a well trained recruiter who is applying for that position he should be, but he could possibility not be trained to ABC’s standards. A problem here could be the lack of leadership.

* Leadership
* Hiring procedure
* Time management
Monica Carrolls is the operations Supervisor of ABC Inc. but she seems to lacking the leadership skill to help this company move forward. With Carl Robins under her leadership she sets him free to work as he pleases. She did give Carl a task to fill and a time line but very little checkups on...
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