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Recruitment and selection of a sales and marketing manager
ABC biscuit company is a very profitable company which has achieved a remarkable growth during the last two years. They had 55 local customers and 5 foreign customers. One of their objectives were to increase their sales turnover in order to do this they were focusing to expand their international customer base. This company has 60 employees and Silva the finance manager is handling all recruitments. Most of the employees whom he has recruited were his relatives and the ones who are known to him. This company has around 15 vacancies at any given time and 80% of new hires are leaving within the first six months. Silva participated for an exhibition in the UK and he met Mr.benjamin who was residing in UK and running a catering service at the time.Mr.benjamin had strong contacts with most of the tea importers in the UK and his intention was to come back to sri lanka and settle this was a golden opportunity for him to find a job and he impressed mr.desilva that he could develop business in the UK if he is offered a job at ABC company.further he mentioned that if he was offered a job at ABC he would be able to bring atleast 10 new foreign customers within the first 6 months.

Three months later mr.benjamin came to sri lanka for good and he was offered employment,a permanent contract with six months probation at ABC company as the sales and marketing manager.his salary was Rs125,000,vehicle allowance 50,000,fuel allowance 30,000 and telephone call limit was 25,000(IDD) most of his time spent on the telephone talking to his clients in UK.after 3 months mr.desilva called mr.benjamin for a meeting and evaluated the progress and they found mr.benjamin has not introduced a single customer during his first 3 desilva was not pleased over his performance and warned him verbally.further he gave another two months for him to perform.after 5 months mr.desilva evaluated his...
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