Microsoft 70-680 Study Guide

Topics: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Operating system Pages: 39 (11881 words) Published: January 24, 2012
70–680 Notes
Chapter 1 (pg. 45)
Windows Vista Improvements
* New Improved Desktop – Windows Aero
* Windows Sidebar – Sidebar with gadgets
* Improved Windows Firewall – Restrict OS resources if used in unusual ways * Parental Controls – Set specific sites, set times for specific users * User Access Control (UAC) – Security features that allow standard users to perform administrator functions through credential prompt * Windows Search – Search files or applications quickly from anywhere in Vista. Real time search * Live Icons – With Windows Aero, you can preview applications by hovering over them with your mouse Windows 7 Improvements

* Windows 7 Editions: Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate * Windows 7 Taskbar – Pin applications to taskbar / no Quick Launch * Jump Lists – Right click Word & go to Recent Documents, right click taskbar icon * New Preview Pane – Preview text, music, picture, HTML, video, Office (w/ Office) and PDF (w/ Adobe) files * Windows Touch – Support for touch screen

* Windows XP Mode – Windows XP in Virtual PC to run XP applications * Simple Home Networking (HomeGroups) – HomeGroups are just an easier way to set up a network. All versions are supported but Starter and Home Basic can’t create HomeGroups * Device Stage – Shows a picture of a compatible connected device, supports Bluetooth and Wireless as well * View Available Networks (VAN) – Shows the networks available (wireless as well) in the notification tray * Internet Explorer 8 – Faster and more efficiently with new search features, address bars, and favorites * Instant Search – Quickly access search requests without typing in the entire search criteria. (Uses browser history as well to narrow down the suggestion) * Accelerators – shortcuts (search for an address and able to view the map next to the link). * Web Slices – Instances on a website that you can access without the need of accessing the site itself * Aero Peek – Allows you to look at a window while other windows are transparent * Aero Snap – Allows you to snap windows side by side

* Aero Shake – You can shake a window and have all other windows minimize * AppLocker – Prevents unauthorized software from running via policy. x86 (32–bit) vs. x64 (64–bit)
* 32–bit processor supports up to 4GB RAM (Starter – 2GB) * 64–bit processor supports up to 16 exabytes of RAM
* Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate: 192GB
* Home Premium: 16GB
* Home Basic: 8GB
* Starter: Not Supported in x64 bit
Windows 7 Upgrade Paths
Vista requires SP1 before upgrading to Windows 7
* Vista Business => 7 Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate * Vista Enterprise => 7 Enterprise
* Vista Home Basic => 7 Home Basic, Home Premium, Ultimate * Vista Home Premium => 7 Home Premium, Ultimate
* Vista Ultimate => 7 Ultimate
* 7 Home Basic => 7 Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate * 7 Home Premium => 7 Professional, Ultimate
* 7 Professional => 7 Ultimate
* 7 Starter => 7 Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate
Disk Space Partitioning
* The System Partition – The system partition and the boot partition can be on the same partition. The system partition contains the files needed to boot the Windows 7 operating system. The system partition contains the Master Boot Record (MBR) and boot sector * The Boot Partition – The boot partition contains the files that are the Windows 7 operating system files. By default, the Windows operating system files are located in a folder named Windows. The partition must be marked as Active to boot * Primary Partition – A hard drive can have up to 4 primary partitions, or 3 primary partitions with one extended partition * Extended Partition – Storage volumes on an extended partition cannot be used to start the operating system Performing a Clean Install of Windows 7

* Collect...
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