Evaluation on Search Engines

Topics: Web search engine, Yahoo!, Bing Pages: 4 (1482 words) Published: December 8, 2012
Final Evaluation
As I have come to an end of this Unit 2, I am now going to evaluate on each elements that were useful to me while I was doing this unit. The main sections that I am going to cover are – the search engines used, search techniques used and search criteria, sources of information used, comparison of the internet and non- internet sources and the quality of the information found.

Internet Source
Most frequently used search engine for this unit was Google as it is quite obvious but I also tried to use other search engines which I am not that familiar to such as Bing, Ask Jeeves, Dogpile, Answers, MSN Search, Yahoo and AOL.

While using Bing I found out that it allows the user to search data in ‘Twitter’ as well which is diversifying with the changing trend. The extra feature on Bing which was different from other search was Translator, Visual Search, Twitter, and xRank which allowed me to see what was the most searched topic. I personally felt that Bing was not able to provide me with enough information that I was looking for. From the last time I used Dogpile it has advanced a lot as it now gives the use the option to search in the Yellow and White Pages. I found MSN search, Ask Jeeves, Yahoo and AOL similar in a way as it has similar features as well but as this time is very competitive each of them are trying to differentiate themselves in a way by adding extra features.

After using all of these search engines I have come to the conclusion where I think Google is the most effective one as it gives more results regarding many factors and it also finds the searched criteria in category of web, image, videos, maps, shopping, news and many more. I think Google is very easy and fast to use for people of any age as it doesn’t have too complex layout as well.

Google also allowed me to select the type of data that was required, for example, images, maps or sites with textual information and I was even able to narrow down my search by...
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