Windows 7 Quick Reference Guide to Operation

Topics: Graphical user interface, Windows Vista, File system Pages: 4 (736 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Windows 7 Quick Reference Guide to operation

Windows Explorer
Address Bar Toolbar
Displays buttons and menus for common commands Displays the location of the folder that is currently open

Keyboard Shortcuts
Search Box
Enter keywords tosearch thefolder.

Title Bar
Click and drag to move the window

Start Menu My Computer Create New Folder Zoom + + + + ; + + +

Navigation Pane
Provides quick navigation to folders and files. Browse to favorite locations, libraries, computer, and the network

Connect to Projector Flip 3D

Details Pane
Display details about selected files.

Windows Management
Peek at the Desktop Show/Hide the Desktop Minimize all Windows Maximize Minimize/Restore Show/Hide Preview Pane + + + +< > +< > +

To Search for a File or Program: Click the Start button and type a keyword for the file or program. Results are displayed immediately in the menu. To Search for a File in a Folder: Open the folder you want to search. Click the Search box in the upper right corner of the window and enter keyword(s) for the file you want to find. To Add a Search Filter: After entering keywords in the Search box, select a filter from the list that appears. Examples include Type, Date Modified, Size, etc…

To Change Window Layout: Click the Organize button on the toolbar, point top Layout, and select a layout option. To Create a Folder: Click the New Folder button on the toolbar. Typa a name for the folder and press To use the Address Bar to Navigate: Click a location on the Address Bar to go to it in the windows. Click a location’s list attow to view and open subfolders within the location To preview a File: Click the Preview Pane button on the toolbar or press . + + ; To Flip Through Windows with Flip 3D: Press continue to hold down the key while pressing to scroll through the open windows.

Snipping Tool

 

You can use Snipping Tool to capture a screen shot (or snip) of...
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