Mergers and Acquisition Course Outline

Topics: Due diligence, Mergers and acquisitions, Demerger Pages: 11 (1136 words) Published: December 18, 2012
|Introduction | | | |Globalization has enlarged the scope for efficient operations, cost reduction, economies of scale, better| | |customer services, wealth optimization, human resource protection, new technologies adoption, capital | | |restructuring etc. with the ultimate objective of Corporate excellence in all areas resulting into | | |improved performance and bottom line. Corporate Restructuring and Mergers and Acquisitions are tools in | | |the hands of business managers to achieve the said goals through restructuring business processes, | | |capital, human resource, products quality and variety, purchase and sales systems etc and through the | | |mergers, de-mergers and corporate acquisitions. | | |The course has been designed to give sufficient knowledge to the students in this area for corporate | | |excellence. | |Objective | | | |Course Objectives | | |Learn various objectives of corporate restructuring, types of restructuring and circumstances under which| | |these are to be considered for better corporate growth and excellence in processes and systems. | | |Learn legal requirements and tax effects for such restructuring | | |Learn consequences of restructuring and various steps to be taken to ensure to derive optimum results out| | |of such restructuring | | |Learn through case studies the practical aspects and consequences of restructuring | | | | | |Course Focus | | |Restructuring and its after effects in overall performance improvement of organization | | |Operational framework including legal process for restructuring | | |Application of this study in real corporate world when the students join | |Pedagogy | | | |The course is divided into modules which together provide various dimensions of use of information for | | |practicability and decision making across an organization. Case analysis is an important pedagogical tool| | |used for this course....
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