Business Function Integration Paper

Topics: Integral, Typography, Imperative programming Pages: 2 (401 words) Published: November 26, 2012

The Business Function Integration Paper is a 2 page paper where students provided insight as to how functional areas of a business or organization integrate to drive firm performance. Students are required to describe how their functional area of study (1) drives firm performance directly, (2) integrates with another functional area to drive firm performance, and (3) determines the success of the other functional area in the business. Tangible examples from current events are required for each point listed above. This assignment will require an understanding of multiple functional areas and how they integrate to determine firm outcomes. Please format the paper as Times New Roman, 10 point font, double spaced, with one inch margins.

TRAIT| Fails to Meet Standards| Meets Standards| Exceeds Standards| Score| Properly Defines Functional Area(10 pts.)| Incorrectly defines functional area.| Provides a proper definition of the subject functional area. | Provides a holistic definition of functional area including relevant examples and their application. | | Identifies Functional Area Responsibilities(10 pts.)| Identifies few, if any, responsibilities.| Identifies multiple responsibilities.| Identifies a comprehensive integrated set of responsibilities.| | Properly Identifies Linkages toFirm Performance(15 pts.)| Identifies few, if any, linkages with few, if any examples.| Identifies multiple linkages and provides relevant examples.| Identifies multiple linkages, describes their influence on firm performance, and provides relevant examples and their application.| | Identifies Integration withAnother Functional Area(15 pts.)| Identifies a single linkage and example with another functional area.| Identifies multiple linkages and examples with another functional area.| Identifies comprehensive integrated linkages including relevant and insightful examples to another functional area.| | Identifies...
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