Integrated Business Final Paper

Topics: Strategic management, Balanced scorecard, Management Pages: 3 (781 words) Published: January 20, 2013
For the attainment of this particular goal, one of the strategic objectives, as identified, is to achieve productivity in its processes. This helps to bring efficiency in the overall performance of the Live Long Nutrition and Fitness Center. Further, the company has its targets to achieve highest growth in the nutrition and fitness industry. Hence, the strategic objective for the purpose of attainment of highest growth is to achieve a reasonable market share and for this, the company has to make its products and services available to its customers through on site as well as online. This will enable the company to entertain large number of customers, which ultimately results into the achievement of its ultimate objective of being the market leader in the entire industry. Further, in case of Live Long Nutrition and Fitness Center, the focus of the company is on providing maximum satisfaction to the customer by offering them the best products and services, so that they can be retained. Customer satisfaction would also help the company in attracting more customers, which would ultimately result into the achievement of more profits. The initiative of the company is to identify the likes and dislikes of its customers, so that the products can be developed as per their needs.

The focus of the company is on quality rather than the quantity and for this purpose, the company also believes in implementing innovative technology, as it will prove to be an edge over other business or its competitors (Niven, 2005). The performance of the employee also needs to be checked from time to time so that any kind of deviations can be easily identified and necessary measures can be taken in order to rectify such mistakes. Timely delivery of products and services needs to be given to the customer as their satisfaction would mean that the company is doing well in all the areas. As per the SWOT analysis, there are opportunities for the business to grow, as the numbers of competitors...
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