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This site is Ranked Top 5 by Google for"Management by Objectives"out of about 11-million-wide (!!!) competition!|
| "MBO is one of the rational school of management's successful products." – The Economist| |  

8 Key Result Areas Where Managers Must Pursue Clear Objectives| * Marketing * Innovation * Human organization * Financial resources * Physical resources * Productivity * Social responsibility * Profit requirements|

Management by Objectives (MBO) Principles|
* Cascading of organizational vision, goals and objectives * Specific objectives for each member * Participative decision making * Explicit time period * Performance evaluation and feedback| |

The Two Questions You Need to Answer To Get The Whole Process Rolling| 1. Where do I want to go ? (What is the objective?) 2. How will I pace myself to see if I am getting there? (What are my milestones, or key results?)Make sure that the answers are precise!| Types of Objectives1|

* Routine objectives * Innovation objectives * Improvement objectives| The objectives must be: * focused on a result, not an activity * consistent * specific * measurable * related to time * attainable| MBO Strategy: Three Basic Parts5|

1. All individuals within an organization are assigned a special set of objectives that they try to reach during a normal operating period. These objectives are mutually set and agreed upon by individuals and their managers. 2. Performance reviews are conducted periodically to determine how close individuals are to attaining their objectives. 3. Rewards are given to individuals on the basis of how close they come to reaching their goals.| Six MBO Stages|

1. Define corporate objectives at board level... More   |  |
Personal Empowerment|
The Four Powers you need to do an excellent job: 1. Freedom to challenge everything and anything 2. Continuous training and development on the job 3. Knowledge of, and faith in, the organization's mission 4. The ability to achieve and see results| MBO: Key Advantages and Disadvantages5|

Advantages * MBO programs continually emphasize what should be done in an organization to achieve organizational goals. * MBO process secures employee commitment to attaining organizational goals.Disadvantages * The development of objectives can be time consuming, leaving both managers and employees less time in which to do their actual work. * The elaborate written goals, careful communication of goals, and detailed performance evaluation required in an MBO program increase the volume of paperwork in an organization.| Managing for Results: The Eight Perceptions|

* Results come from exploiting opportunities, not solving problems... More| Managerial Communication|
* Guiding: Give people clear guidelines on the results that are expected... More| Inspirational Leadership10 Roles|
8. Motivate, inspire and energize people, recognize achievements... More| | Discover much more!|
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| What is MBO?   |
Management by objectives (MBO) is a systematic and organized approach that allows management to focus on achievable goals and to attain the best possible results from available resources. It aims...
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