Goal Action Plan

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Goal Action Plan Template

Select a goal, and use this template to create an action plan for that goal. Then, post the action plan to the Week 2 Assignment 1 link on your student website at https://ecampus.phoenix.edu.

Goal Action Plan

Your goal action plan must include the following nine sections:

1. Goal: State the goal you hope to achieve.

* -I want to be able to get a new job or get increased hours at my current job so I do not have to rely on my husband to pay all our bills.

2. Type of goal: Determine if the goal is personal, professional, academic, health-related, or financial.

-My goal is personal, professional and financial.

Purpose of goal: State what is being accomplished by achieving the goal. This is what you will learn or achieve by reaching the goal.

-what reaching this goal would accomplish is I personally would feel better about myself and my life and future if I was able to provide for myself in case something were to happen to my husband I would know I can take care of myself and not have to rely on my parents or anyone else.

Major benefit to me: List what benefits you expect to receive after accomplishing the goal. * The benefits would be less stress, pride in myself that I could provide for my family, the ability to take to vacations and do the fun family things we have planned but can not afford.

Benefit to others: List how your family, coworkers, or organization will benefit when you accomplish the goal.

* My family would benefit by being provided for from more then just my husband.

Barriers: Predict some barriers that may arise to prevent you from reaching your goal. Investigate financial, time, and personal constraints that hinder progress to goal achievement.

* The only barrier that can stop me from accomplishing this goal is not being hired for a better job or that my current employer will not increase my hours. *...
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