I Believe in Me

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Courtney Leko
Cause and Effect Paper
Jeff Carmack

Cause and Effect Paper
There will always be pros and cons to decisions that you make in life. The paper is going to cover a cause and effect that I feel is important to my-self and I want to explain why. The decision or choice whether to go to school or not was a very import choice I made. There was better salary, better career, continue my education. The downs to my decision are less time with family, more debt, less income while in school. Those are topics I will cover in my cause and effect paper.

I’m going to start with the pros. For me going back to school after being off for 5 years was a huge step. I haven’t studied anything for a long time and was not sure how I would do. It made me very nervous to think that if I didn’t do well, I would have to retake the class or possibly just give up on college. Once I realized that I could do well in college, it was all just the matter of registering and being accepted.

Getting a better salary was something that was very important to me. I would be able to provide a better home for my son. I would be able to take vacations and afford the things that were important to me and important to provide for my son. I would be able to have a newer vehicle, or SUV, or a truck that I have always wanted. I would have a steady income and wouldn’t feel as if I’m living pay check to pay check.

One major plus for me was that I would have a career in a fast paced, largely growing field. The medical field is growing and in demand for jobs. To have a full-time career, doing something that I have a lot of passion for would mean a lot to me. I would be able to enjoy my holidays with my family and kids. I would be able to work in a setting that I feel will help me succeed at what I love doing.

Continuing my education is a huge factor in my life. I want to be able to look back and tell my kids that “I graduated college.” To...
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