Low Income

Topics: Nutrition, Economics, Malnutrition Pages: 2 (667 words) Published: December 14, 2012
Budget Summary
My perception of quality of life changed dramatically during this project. Living at a low income wage was a difficult thing to do especially at $26,560 a year. Living with all of the basic necessities took up a large portion of my paycheck. At a wage where my wife and I are barely getting our family by is stressful on many levels. I was trying to find the best deals on food and after school care without sacrificing quality and health. Cheaper food was not nutritional so I had to move to medium priced food that was nutritional for my family and would not cause us to get sick from vitamin deficiency. After our monthly expenses have been calculated, there is $452.19 left in our pay-checks at the end of each month, which is $5,426.28 of disposable income a year. To be an adult with a family living at this income level would come with a lot of pressure. Getting by with only basic necessities was hard. I wanted to keep my family happy and well by taking them places and traveling. With barely getting by I wasn’t able to do this because we didn’t have a lot of disposable income. If I get sick or hurt I could lose my job and then my family would have a lot less to live by, probably making us homeless, that is another large amount of pressure on my wife and I. The way we are living we didn’t need to depend on anyone but each other. Transportation was already taken care of by public buses and I can afford food, child care, and housing for my family. The only way we would need to depend on anyone would be if my wife or I got sick or our kids got sick, we would need to rely on out co-workers to cover for us so we don’t lose our jobs besides that we are mostly independent. Assuming that we didn’t have any money in a bank account was easy. I got into the role quite well, I felt the pressure of trying to find the best deals on everything. The only thing I assumed that we had was a few pieces of furniture and some clothes. If my wife or I got sick it could...
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