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Strategic Management T2
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1. Which of the following is not an implication of the globalization of product and markets?: Profit potential of any company rests on their international strategy 2. Which of the following is not one of the ways in which expanding globally can enable companies to increase their profitability and grow their profits more rapidly?: Foreign countries with significant trade barriers 3. When a company performs a value-creation activity in the optimal location for that activity, wherever in the world that might be, they are trying to capitalize on: Location economies 4. When manufacturing firms move production overseas, they expect to realize all of the following location economies except: lower political risk from unstable governments 5. Which of the following is not a necessity for leveraging the skills of global subsidiaries: The firm must be pursuing a strategy of differentiation 6. Global expansion: Can enable companies to increase their profitability and grow their profits more rapidly 7. The ability to realize cost economies from global volume is greatest in the case of: low-weight, high-value products that can be differentiated by global companies 8. In 1952, Iranian oil industry was nationalized so that foreign owner ship of oil-producing land: Political risk 9. Dell is expanding its market share in European countries because its direct-sales model is more effective than the business model used by its European rivals: Further exploitation of distinctive competencies 10. Which of the following factors increase pressures for local responsiveness: Differences in customer tastes and preferences 11. When toy maker Mattel sells Barbie dolls in the Middle East, it changes the doll's shape to one that is a more accurate portrayal of a female body: Respond to difference in local tastes 12. Differences in tastes and preferences: Increase pressures for local responsiveness 13. A company with a business-level strategy of cost leadership should pursue which of the following global expansion strategies?: Global standardization 14. A company that wishes to achieve maximum responsiveness to loca requirements should pursue a ____ strategy.: Localization 15. Which of the following is not an objective of a transnational company?: Realization of experience-based economies 16. Disadvantages of a global strategy include: Inability to realize location economies 17. In which of the following circumstances does a global standardization strategy make the most sense?: Global market standardization is possible, and ther eare significant economies of scale to be realized from centralizing global manufacturing 18. A localization strategy is based on which of the following ideas?: Consumer tastes and preferences differ among national markets 19. A commodity oil producer would probably achieve the highest level of profitability with an___ strategy: Localization 20. A telecommunciations firm develops new wireless cellular phones, a technology in which foreign competition is low and the need for local responsiveness is high.: Transnational 21. Foreign subsidiaries play a major role in shaping the future direction of a company pursuing: a transnational strategy 22. Firms should choose likely countries for an international expansion effort based on the following except: the "age" of the country 23. All of the following are first mover advantages except the ability to: avoid pioneering costs 24. A company that enters a foreign market by entering into a...
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