International Business

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International business
Important topics:
Ch 12-The Strategy of International Business
* Explain the concept of strategy.
* Understand how firms can profit from expanding globally * Understand how pressure for cost reduction and pressures for local responsiveness influence strategic choice * Be familiar with different strategies for competing globally and their pros and cons. * Explain the pros and cons of using strategic alliance to support global strategies Ch 13-The Organization of International Business

* Understand what is meant by organizational architecture. * Be familiar with the different organizational choices that can be made in an international business. * Explain how organization can be matched to strategy to improve the performance of the international business. * Be able to discuss what is required for an international business to change its organization so that it better matches its strategy Ch 14-Entry Strategy and Strategic Alliances

* Explain the three basic differences that firms contemplating foreign expansion must make: which markets to enter, when to enter those markets, and on what scale. * Outline the advantages and disadvantages of the different modes that firms use to enter foreign markets. * Identify the factors that influence a firm’s choice of entry strategy. * Evaluate the pros and cons of acquisitions versus green-field ventures as an entry strategy. Ch 18-Global Human Resources Management

* Articulate the strategies role of human resource management in the international business. * Discuss the pros and cons of different approaches to staffing policy in the international business. * Explain why managers may fail to thrive in foreign postings. * Articulate how management development and training programs can increase the value of human capital in the international business firms. * Explain how and why performance appraisal systems might vary across nations. * Explain...
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