Topics: Physical exercise, Exercise, Obesity Pages: 2 (353 words) Published: November 17, 2010
TO: All “Thin as Ice” employees
FROM: President
Thin as Ice Health Products
DATE: February 22, 2010
SUBJECT:Gym membership information
Here at Thin as Ice health products, we take pride in our company. But pride within ourselves is not our only goal, which is why I have decided to have our own recreational facility built on company grounds. The full construction will take approximately two years time, which is why starting April 1st, all Thin as Ice employees will have gym membership allowances. To tell people that our products and services really work will only go so far, but to be able to personally show them what this company can really do will help to blow away our competition.

I have made a list of all possible gyms that the employee allowance will be valid at, but if these facilities are too far away from your homes, we will make special accommodations to find a close and hassle free gym for you to attend. On top of the gym membership allowances, we will also be giving allowances towards personal trainers for those of you that do not know exactly what you should be doing, need the extra motivation, or just would really like some tips on your workouts. Personal trainer allowances will cover a total of 4 days a month with a personal trainer at your gym of choice. These personal trainers will help show you what kinds of workout “splits” you should be doing each time you go to your gym, to make sure that you do not over work or under work specific body parts.

I feel that giving our employees this opportunity can really help boost the overall attitude throughout the company and give us that edge. To promote great exercise, diet, and health products while accomplishing all those things can really give the customer an intense insight as to what our company is really capable of accomplishing. We look forward to seeing those pounds drop and smiles arise as your bodies begin to please you more and more each day.

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