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Topics: Aztec, Aztec Triple Alliance, Inca Empire Pages: 2 (455 words) Published: January 29, 2013
Haro, Guillermo
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Incas and Aztecs

Although the Aztecs and the Incas were both isolated groups with a powerful and elite middle class in South America that existed around the same time, the empires developed different political means. The Aztecs were a major tribe/civilization located in Central Mexico. The Incas were also a tribe/civilization located in Peru. While their geographic locations were completely different, they had established a society with a unique form of political structure. Even though they were both centralized governments, they still differed in many ways. They also had some few similarities.

Both empires created supreme councils on running local affairs. They also set law codes that would punish those who committed crimes or violated the laws. Crime rarely happened in the Inca. Since both, Inca and Aztec didn’t have any prisons; the consequences would be death or human sacrifice. As well as big crimes, small crimes were also committed. To those small crimes people would often be punished by slavery. Tribes within both empires had to pay taxes to the collectors of the empires in forms of goods and sometimes in form of labor. The Incas were capable to form lands ruled by single authority, however the tribute from subjects wasn’t enough to maintain in the large Aztec population. Both empires were both ruled under a powerful rulers but their government structure stilled differed. The Incas ideal government was an aristocracy. In the Incas government, there was the emperor or also known as the Sapa. The Sapa was believed to be a descendent from God and believed he was the ruler of earth. After the Sapa was the supreme council. Basically the Inca was separated into four separate provinces which was also known as the Apus. In each province there was a governor that would make sure the people were working correctly and...
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