Media vs Big Idea

Topics: Design, Advertising, Communication design Pages: 2 (374 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Project Title: Include a title that sums up the design issue Media VS Big idea

Provide background information on what the design issue or problem is right now. Highlight the causes and effects of identified problem so as to form a framework to better understand the problem.

The rise in technology has certainly affected the way the advertising industry evolved today. Companies are aggressively churning out more campaigns as consumers are now within reach, with the aid of digital media.

In an attempt to create awareness, most companies would jump onto any media bandwagon that offers a trendy appeal to their target audience. Instead of seeking the rationale behind a certain set of consumer behavior, companies would rather capitalize their investment by using the economical digital media platform. This direction of companies seems to suggest that market research is perceived as an expense rather than as an investment for companies.

Companies simply do not see value in the design process when creating a campaign and thus, they plunge into execution immediately. Such campaigns will not benefit the consumers and thus be perceived as noise, contributing to the advertising clutter.

List down the key reasons and intentions to tackle the identified problem.

To highlight the importance of the BIG IDEA as the sole driving force behind advertising campaigns, which would give more insights and more effective strategies.

Design Concept:
Include your concept or idea that would improve or solve the identified problem. Discuss the angle that you are going to take to tackle the problem.

Case studies of past advertising campaigns will be evaluated, and criticized on the effectiveness in terms of creating awareness. There is a need to determine between ‘Conceptual Process’ and ‘Execution’ as the main driving force behind successful advertising campaigns.

The rapid advancement in technology has altered the landscape of Design...
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