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Topics: Nursing, Motivation, Engagement Pages: 4 (832 words) Published: February 23, 2013
Research Proposal
Melissa Lokai
Urbana University
Proposal Development and Writing for Publication
Nursing 690
Nancy Sweeney
February 14, 2013

This paper focuses on the engagement of staff in the work setting and the influencing variables related to how motivation is used in engagement. The paper will look at if home life influences engagement in the work setting or if it is affected by the lack of job resources, increased job demands. The paper will also explore the opinions of nursing staff if generational differences may affect engagement. Research Proposal

Problem and setting
The key influences for engagement among the nursing staff on my present unit, Post Anesthesia Care Unit/Preoperative Holding, are there incentives for staff to be more engaged besides providing excellent care to patients? I would like to look at the behavioral indicators providing evidence that the nurses are engaged u their work settings? Looking at what factors may contribute to the loss or lack of engagement among certain nurses in the unit and if it is related to a generational component?

Identify sub-problems
What are the pertinent questions that need to be answered to further clarify your research topic (see slide #4).

will best resolve the identified problem (thesis, research utilization, evidence-based practice) and state your research hypothesis or question.

(overall study goal) and objectives (slide #17) motivation can be defined as an objective-directed behavior. Essentially a motive basically represents a reason for doing something (which Motivation is the foundation of goal-oriented behavior; it is one key element between failure and success; Clearly motivated, engaged and committed employees perform much better than people who are just motivated or just engaged or just committed. The combination of the three factors would actually produce an ideal effect, which is indeed very tricky to achieve in practice....
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