Media in Comparison from Wales to India

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How many opportunities do people in Wales have to enter into the performance industry in comparison to people in Mumbai? Introduction
For my investigation I have chosen to do about performing arts and how opportunities are available for people who want to acquire in the industry. I want to compare what opportunities they have for people who inspire to be performers in Wales in comparison to Mumbai. I have chosen Mumbai for my country to compare it to as Mumbai is the central area of Bollywood, which gives me more of a chance of getting good statistics and information as it will be heavily focused on in that area. I chose this topic as I want to pursue in this career path myself, which doing this investigation will allow me to understand what sort of preparation an individual needs. I also would like to find out what learning and performance services are accessible in my local area. In contrast to this I would like to find out what opportunities children and young people in Mumbai have to accessing the performance services. During this investigation I will be looking at the costs, availability and advertisement of the classes that are available in Wales and Mumbai. Firstly I shall look at classes that are accessible for people all over Wales and compare this to9 my other chosen country, Mumbai. What schools and classes provide people with opportunities in Wales? In wales we have a starting point where anybody at any age can make a start in this career path, it is called stagecoach. These classes are scattered around the Wales, such as Cardiff, Porthcawl and Swansea; this makes it easier to access Stagecoach for every student that may want to start out in the industry. The stagecoach theatre arts groups have been successively active for nearly 25 years, improving and helping young people be all they can. Overall stagecoaching has helped more than 40,000 students around Wales to have a better start and experience in performing. This is a way for children and young adults to start their career in the hardest industry there is. With this school they get in touch with agencies so that if a child is good enough for screen then they are picked to go on auditions for a part that is being called for. The class has their own motto, which reads ‘Sing! Dance! Act now!’ I think this is a perfect example of what they do, which is to encourage young people to join and go into performing as a career.

This is a map of where in wales the stagecoaches are available

Cost of stage coach - Wales
The cost of stage coach is very expensive, it is £50.00 deposit and then extra each term that you want enrol in the course. It is roughly £500 a term that you enrol in stagecoach. Which will be a problem for a lot of people as in the area there are a lot of people in finance problems and will not be able to pay the fee that they are looking for. These prices are not very accessible for people who may live in a poverty area or for families who have a low income of money. However for some people who has a wealthy background, these prices will not be a problem and all the services will be accessible to them.

Jordan Hill Theatre Academy
Due to my research I have also found another way in which children with bad backgrounds and need help, to keep off the streets or to get away from family life ‘Jordan Hill Theatre Academy’ helps them, encourages them to do better with themselves and inspires them to express themselves through dance and song; this can be important for troubled teens as it allows them to express themselves through creative performing, to reverse their negativity that they may have and focus on positive things. This school is located in Swansea in the Montana community Centre, again this school does give children experience and most importantly confidence to proceed further into the area that they have passion for. School Fees

All fees are to be paid in 10 week blocks these are to be paid to the school manager in...
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