Top 10 Acting Schools of the World

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Ina highly competitive profession like acting , one must never underestimate the importance of professional and formal training. Irrespective of whether you excel or have a unique flair in this art , there are a variety of techniques , perspectives , methods etc that could help you when you embark into theatre and films. While training to become an an actor doesn’t necessarily require a degree from a college or professional learning, many of the best actors in world cinema have grown to be well rounded and highly benefitted from their professional courses. The whole concept of acting will usually comprise of 2/3rd natural talent and 1/3rd of training Also the physical location of the place is crucial because it determines the connections , affiliations and opportunities that you need to go through. There are schools that train you specifically for theatre, specifically for films or both. The timings may be rigorous and the practices may get intense. However if you are a passionate actor , this will also be an exciting and memorable experience.The usual undergraduate degrees are Bachelor of Arts(BA) or Bachelor of Fine Arts( BFA). Graduate degrees may include Master of Arts(MA) ,  Master of Science ( MSC)  Master of Fine Arts(MFA) Doctor of Arts, Doctor of Fine Arts, or Doctor of Philosophy ( PHD)  degrees.Also various institutes provide shorter foundation and summer courses for students in school and otherwise.It is essential that you conduct an intensive research before choosing acting. Here are the top 10 acting schools across the world to pursue courses in acting : Juilliard School of drama

Founded in 1905, the Juilliard School of drama situated in the Ney York city is the most prestigious institution on the world for theatre that provides top notch acting training. The faculty consists of Grammy, Pulitzer Prize and Academy Award winners who combine physical and vocal training in such a way so that every student performs to the best of his / her capacities. The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drama is a 4 year course and The Masters degree for the same is also for the same duration. The school receives more than 1000 applications every year out of which only 18 of them are admitted at the end of it. Even though the admission procedures are extremely stringent, one would be extremely fortunate to be a part of this institute. Some of the Julliard students who have managed to make it big are Christopher Reeves, Kevin Spacey and Robin Williams. The Juilliard School

60 Lincoln Centre Plaza
New York
NY 10023-6588.
The oxford school of drama
UK’S oxford school of drama is a 26 year old esteemed drama institution that offers diploma and foundation courses in acting. They provide a 3 year undergraduate course, a one year acting course and a six month foundation course. It also runs a six month programme in musical theatre. Catherine McCormack, Anna Galvin and Christina Cole are some of the famous alumni of this school. The Oxford School of Drama

Sansomes Farm Studios
Woodstock, Oxford OX20 1ER
England, United Kingdom
Yale School of drama
The Yale School of Drama is a graduate professional conservatory for theatre training in every discipline of the art form: acting. School are known for their accomplishments on the legitimate stage, in film and television, and a variety of other creative fields. It offers a Master in Fine Arts as a postgraduate degree and a Certificate of Drama for those who do not hold an undergraduate degree. All students are admitted on the basis of their talent and career potential . Also each one of the applicants who meetsthe MFA/certificate requirements must audition in person inorder to become a part of this university. Yale Cabaret is one of its extracurricular initiative where students perform and create projects on their own. Distinguished former students of Yale include Paul Newman, Meryl Streep and Sigourney Weaver

Yale School of Drama
149 York Street
New Haven, CT 06511

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