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[insert name and address]

January 29th, 2013

Paul Anderson
The Acting Company
PO Box 898
New York NY 10108-0898

Re: Actress position

Dear Mr. Anderson,

Having achieved many goals in my career path, I am interested in applying for an actress position at The Acting Company. I came across the thrilling new production of “Gone with the Wind” and I would be happy to audition for the role of Scarlett O’ Hara.

I am currently enrolled in the theatre arts programs at Houston Community College and I hold a part time job at the Houston A+ Actors. From my school, I was able to perform locally as well as compete in state competitions. The theatre program has provided me a stepping stone towards my future by helping me to develop my acting skills, provide me with extra opportunities, and gain knowledge about the competitive acting industries. The duties of my part time job are to interact with actors, read scripts, and perform roles. I have got the abilities to lead a team, face my fears, assist other actors and coordinate many plays.

In the last four years, I was able to volunteer in different areas of the acting field to enhance my interests. I have had the opportunity to play the lead role in “Alice in Wonderland”, “Les Miserables”, “Of Mice and Men”, and “Wicked”. I was awarded the actress of the year for performing the lead role in the “Beauty and the Beast” musical in the theatre program. Last winter, I got the chance to explore many acting industries in New York and be a part of the supporting cast in the “Grease” musical at the Broadway show. I was able to communicate with many managers and performers and gain significant information about Broadway and other aspects of the acting industry. Moreover, I also run a private dance academy where various forms of dances are performed including ballet, hip hop, belly dance, tango, and salsa. There are more than hundred students and we have performed in more than fifteen different states for...
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