Juilliard School

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Parker Baird
Mr. Seymour
English II
9 May 2013
Juilliard School
Juilliard School is a prestigious school of the arts. It has many facets that make it one of the top schools of higher learning in the country. Those facets include the rich history and the well-known alumni.

Juilliard is located in New York, New York. Being one of the most prestigious colleges in the country, the acceptance rate is 6.0%. Juilliard was founded in 1905 by Dr. Frank Damrosch, as the Institute of Musical Art (“A Brief History”). Tuition for the school is $33,630 a year, and seventy-six percent of those attending will receive financial aid (“Summary”). There are eleven majors offered at Juilliard: Acting, Conducting, Dance (General), Jazz/Jazz Studies, Music Performance (General), Music Theory and Composition, Piano and Organ, Playwriting and Screenwriting, Uncategorized, Stringed Instruments, and Voice and Opera (“The Juilliard School”).

Juilliard is noted for its notorious alumni such as Yo-Yo Ma and John Williams. Yo-Yo Ma was born in 1955 and studied at Juilliard at a very Young age. He has won fifteen Grammys (“Yo-Yo Ma”). John Williams is an American Composer who attended the school in 1955. Williams has written many notable film scores such as Star Wars, E.T., Indiana Jones, Jaws, and Superman. He has won five Academy Awards, seventeen Grammys, three Golden Globes, two Emmys, and five BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) (“John Williams”).

Juilliard has the world’s largest collection of pianos of any college (253), and offers may different extracurricular on campus such as Choral Groups, Dance, Drama/Theatre, Jazz Band, Music Ensembles, Opera, Student Newspaper, and Symphony Orchestra. Juilliard is ranked #2: Top Music School in 2012, just under the Eastman School of Music.

Juilliard is a prestigious, yet small school that boasts the second best music education in the country, some of the most notable alumni, and a charming history. It is the college...
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