Tma03 Part 1

Topics: United Kingdom, Higher education, Unemployment Pages: 2 (521 words) Published: April 30, 2011
What can you say about the identities of the people of Stratford, based on the tables provided?

Social sciences often use quantitative data in order to compare a large group to another. Information can be taken from a group as a whole and used to create a generalised view of the people in the area. I will be looking at Stratford, a very culturally diverse area of London and I will be using the information provided to discuss points of similarity, difference and a general view of the people in the area.

I will begin by looking at education, using the qualification levels, the number of students living in the area and the most common jobs in the area. Looking at table 3 we can see a significant increase of people with advanced qualifications such as higher degrees and doctorates. The percentage of people aged 16 to 74 with such qualifications is 6.9% higher than that of England and Wales. This shows that either a large number of post-graduates have come to live in the area or more likely – as shown in table 4 – that there are a large number of students looking into higher education, perhaps already earning lower degrees and wanting to advance onto doctorates. This is further proven by the lowest percentage socio-economic classifications (other than the long-term unemployed) are small employers and own account workers. This shows that students in the area are pushing for higher qualifications in order to work for larger companies in the area, not wanting to be stuck with a menial position with a small employer.

We can also take a look at the origins of the population of Stratford using table 1. A massive decrease in people of a British ethnicity live in Stratford, a mere 38.2% compared to the 87% as found in England and Wales. We can also see that many Africans and Caribbean people live in the area as these two ethnic groups comprise of the second and third largest ethnic groups. We can look at this together with the information on the Education on the...
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