Change in Industry in the Greenwich Peninsula

Topics: Industry, Evidence, Time Pages: 3 (960 words) Published: April 10, 2013
My hypothesis was ‘between 1700 and present day, industry has changed in the Greenwich Peninsula from primary to secondary to tertiary and quaternary’. Overall I think I proved my hypothesis because the area has changed from primary and secondary to tertiary and quaternary. In pre 1870s the land was totally different from today as it was mostly marsh lands and docks. There were also lots of green spaces this means at that time the industries were mainly primary and secondary and no tertiary or quaternary found. However looking at the present map, you could see new that the area has new buildings such as o2 arena, London soccer dome; it also has leisure activities such as cinema, restaurants, Sony centre, Nissan innovation centre, this tells us that industry has completely changed as it now consist of tertiary and quaternary, but you can see a few primary and secondary in the area as development is still taking place. Another example that proves the hypothesis is ‘The pilot inn’ pub. Before in the 1800s it was a factory (secondary industry) and now it is a tertiary industry. However there are two exceptions. Hansen Cement works are present in the west of the peninsula have been there for decades (founded in 1929), therefore this disproves the hypothesis since the industry has not developed further into tertiary and quaternary industries. Also, the former gas works completely disprove the hypothesis. This is because during 20th century, the gas works were providing gas (tertiary industry) whereas now it is not in use. Nowadays we expect industries to go up the ladder to eventually quaternary industry, but this is going in the complete opposite direction. I expected the industrial change to follow a pattern. I expected it to go from Primary in the 1700s to eventually Quaternary Industries. Putting everything into account, my thought on the hypothesis was proved, but I was surprised by the fact that there were still places which were still in the...
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