Occupational Therapy Year 1 Building Evidence Essay

Topics: Qualitative research, Quantitative research, Research Pages: 6 (1635 words) Published: July 30, 2012
Module title:       Building Evidence for Occupational Therapy Module code:     OCT 1011-N
Module tutor:     Chris Mckenna
Hand in date:     Friday 18th December
Word count:       

This assignment will discuss how as an Occupational Therapist, they would gather the relevant information from clients who use their service they are providing for them, they will aim to collect ideas and opinions about their service from service users, and to understand client satisfaction with the current service provision. Therefore it will discuss the methodology that will be used to collect the data, in this case will be Qualitative research. It will then go on to define what the methodology is, the strengths of the method, and the reason behind opting to choose them.  It would then explore what type of information it will obtain, how measurable and reliable the data is, but also it will discuss the limitations of the chosen research method, in order to try gain a true opinion of what the service users thinks of the service being received. After identifiying what the clients feel about the service, it will then discuss how the department could benefit from the feedback given. 

Qualitative data is when researchers try to gather information usually based on a particular phenomenon. It aims to gather information regarding people’s opinions and views, also to understand people’s values, motivations, perceptions and reactions. The context of this data is usually rich and has depth to the information that has been given, so often can not be generalised to a wider population, nor can be transferred into statistics, unlike other methodologies such as quantitative data which uses a structured scientific approach towards collating data, in order to make the findings measurable and generalised to wider society. Therefore quantitative data does not bring out the feelings and opinions of the participants involved, but for this assignment it is required to discover client satisfaction levels and opinions on the service being provided. Therefore the method in which qualitative data is obtained is mainly through, client interviews usually with open ended questions so the client can fully express their view, field observations, documentation, also including letters, focus groups and audiovisual recordings.

The nature of this research requires the Occupational Therapist to be able to gather the view of their service they are providing to their clients, therefore this is the reason why I have chosen to use qualitative data as the way of collecting the information that would be needed. It would allow the client opportunity to discuss openly with the therapist their views on the service, what their expectations of the service are, and if their expectations were being met. Qualitative data would explore what clients think the strengths of the service are and also the limitations, which may lead onto suggestions on ways of how to improve the service for themselves, the Occupational therapists, and other clients. 

Using qualitative data, it would gather the participants to take part in the research gathering the desired information by using a convenient sample method. A convenient sample is when the researcher uses the people they have available at that present time without having to go out of their way to chose a wider range of participants to represent that group, therefore this may be a limitation when it comes to analysing and interrupting the findings of the research as it may be slightly biased because it would not show true feelings of that particular group. But it is cost efficient, less time consuming and would be easier for the researcher to reach the participants. So referring back to the to gathering information for an Occupational therapy department, it would use the clients that have been working with an occupational therapist where there has been...
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