Media in Goa

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It gives me great pleasure to present my paper on our news channel GOA NEWSLINE in St.Xaviers,an institution where I have spent 2 of my best higher secondary years. However I deeply regret that I am not able to be present on this occasion because of some prior personal commitments. Electronic media in Goa has definetely come of age now. Way back in 2000 when I took my first steps in this profession there was practically no presence of Television Journalism. I can proudly say that I was the first television journalist to start work from Goa, till then Channels from Mumbai & Delhi only sent their camera team and reporters for any major news event happening here. A decade later today its great that we have a number of local television channels and a 12 hour news channel as well. In that regard Goa Newsline was our first major step towards setting up of this industry in Goa. After 2 years of Newsline a number of other channels had jumped into the news making fray and the rest as you all know is there for all of us to see. I completed my Masters Degree in Communication studies from the Department of Communcation Studies University of Pune as there was no Journalism related course in Goa then. After that I interned with Zee News Noida and underwent practical training in Electronic News Media . Thereafter I joined Asian News International (ANI) and joined them as a Correspondent Camera-person for the state of Goa. Thereafter I joined Aaj Tak and worked for them as their Goa Correspondent, My father Mr.Waman Prabhu is also a journalist and was in the print media. As the electronic media fever caught up he joined Zee News as Goa Correspondent and together we covered Goa in all its splendour for these national channels. In this entire process there was a feeling that Goa was not being given due coverage on National TV and all the snippets that were shown of Goan Festivals and Events were not doing justice to the actual...
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