Media and Culture

Topics: Journalism, Mass media, Journalist Pages: 2 (667 words) Published: October 30, 2012
Effects of News Media
Derrick Bryant
July 17, 2012
Andrea Singor

Effects of News Media
Information and news media have affected American culture even before the twentieth century. Before the Internet the only forms of mass media was the television, the radio, and the newspaper. Media is a tool used to get out a lot of information to as many people as possible. In today’s society we have the internet to provide us with the latest breaking news. The internet also provides use with breaking news around world. The job of a journalist is to make sure they get accurate accounts of what ever story they are reporting about. According to a Case Study, “All news is biased, News, after all, is primarily selective storytelling, not objective science. Editors choose certain events to cover and ignore; reporters choose particular words or images to use and reject others” (Media and Culture p 424). News can be considered biased with selective storytelling. News reporting should be based on facts and science. Reports should get both sides of a story before it is presented to the public. The information media is not for entertainment purposes but to provide the public with correct and accurate information. Even in today’s society most Americans believed that most news sources are biased. Depending on how fast Journalist wants to get their story out to the public they may not have all the facts. What has changed is the ways the news is covered concerning political coverage. Today reporters use a political balance work ethic. This is a very simple approach. If interview one political party, you have to also interview the other political party. This creates political balance for both parties. This way people can hear both sides and decide who will be the best in that political position. A good example is the upcoming presidential election in November. Print and Television news can be updated trough breaking news online. What this means to the public...
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