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Print and Electronic Media in Pakistan
By Commoner on February 8, 2009 in Current Affairs
“NO one should take journalists too seriously, especially journalists themselves because what they write in the morning is used to wrap fish in the same evening. Maulana Chiragh Hasan Hasrat .”

But you should take bloggers seriously, because after all what they blog remains there online all the way through and cannot be used by the people to wrap fish or potatoes or sundries.

In Pakistan, journalism stands even at the same place even after the introduction of electronic media. A storm of T.V channels is passing through Pakistan. From GEO to ARYONEWORLD TO AAJ, everyone is beating and up-beating about same stories and news with almost similar angles.

What we are learning from these channels? Are they the true journalist face of the Pakistan?

The question is whetPrint media - Eg : Yellow pages, Newspapers, Business directories, Books, Magazines, posters.

Electronic media: Media that uses electronics to reach audience.

Telegraph, Satellite, Television, Internet, web- downloads, livestreming videos,

Radio, Digital media marketin
Women’s Roles in the Media

By Nicole Mantegna

I have always noticed an intense difference between men and women and how they are portrayed in the media. As a child I was struck with admiration of the women on the television screen or on posters, you know the ones with the perfect everything. As I got older it seemed less amusing and more demeaning. I felt that society was showing us what we are supposed to be. For some odd reason almost every time a woman is portrayed in the media it is in some superficial way, for instance the commercials on household cleaning products show the perfect housewife. The other portrayal is of the perfect looking woman, the perfect body, hair, face. You know the ones that are always focused on there lipstick or the perfect pair of designer shoes. What ever happened to portraying women as they really are? Less and less women are concerned with the perfect handbag or the perfect laundry detergent; women have entered the man’s world and are going to take it over. There are much more women in college now than there are men; women are getting into politics, business, the military and every other area of what use to be the man’s world. So why are we still portraying women in these roles that have become outdated? People think the phrase “sex sells” says it all, but does it? I tried to dive a little deeper into this world of men and women and there roles in life and the media.

Each time I would see a woman in the media that fit one of the two models I discussed above I felt sick and sad at the same time. It angered me; it made me think of what kind of a message society is trying to send me. It said I should strive to be one of these things: the perfect housewife (if I wasn’t pretty) or the ideal looking woman (if I wasn’t good at housekeeping). By the way the ideal woman we see in the media everyday is extremely thin, materialistic, seductive, and gorgeous. One day it occurred to me that the way women are portrayed in the media serves a very important purpose, it shows women where, who and what they are should be. We are constantly bombarded with these images of the perfect woman, why? Advertising involves a number of interconnected relationships- “those between person and object, use and symbol, symbolism and power, and communication and satisfaction. Thus advertising must be considered in light of cultural expectations” (The portrayal of women’s images in magazine advertisements, 22). It is a way in which men feel comfortable with a woman, it is a distinctive gender line, it sends the statement “stay here and do not pass into what is male”. It keeps young girls focused on beauty and obtaining perfection that of course does not exist. It makes girls at a young age dream of the perfect home, kids, and floor cleaner. This too does not exist....
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